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A FREE program to learn frontend coding.

DOM Scripting

About the Program

The drive behind this endeavor is helping community to grow without paying fees to learn web technologies and promoting the idea of Giving Back to society.

The syllabus will be provided using and you will be given 1:1 help to complete the project. If you are good at learning online without extra explanation, then this program is not for you.

Learn From Anywhere

The program will be conducted online using Google Hangout. This program is for those who are interested in learning frontend development, and also for those who want to understand the basics of handling the DOM before learning backend development.

You will be taught HOW TO LEARN using internet resources to finish your task, not just learning what is in the syllabus.

Check Your Eligibility

You will be selected if you answer “Yes” for the questions below:

  • Do you live in Mysore?
  • Do you have a laptop and good internet connection?
  • Did you complete your Diploma/BSc/BTech or greater in computer software?
  • Are you searching for a job because you are unemployed?
  • Do you have keen interest towards your career and not applying just because you have time?

Why should we promote the idea of Giving Back to the society?

Check this video, you will understand how the global problem can be solved by unwillingly becoming an immigrant.

How to Apply?

Post your CV to below given email address.
Make sure you mention how badly you are willing to join this program (personally/professionally).
You will be contacted if you are shortlisted.

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